The braZing

Adhesive bra strap covers!
We all come in different shapes and sizes ...
and so do the bra-Zings. 
We have created a selection of braZings that will fit any bra wearing person!  



You can choose from 14", 16" and 20" length braZings.  The 14" are great for regular tank tops and dresses. The 16" are perfect for lower cut clothing and the 20" suits racer back designs. 

We have also made the collection in different widths ... while any braZing will fit any bra, you can choose from skinny versions (for the slight figure), medium (for average size), and wide (for the fuller figure and nursing bras.)

the braZings couldn't be easier to use!  They literally take 20 seconds to adhere to your existing bra strap. We have found them easier to put on when the bra is off.

You simply remove the adhesive cover paper, and press the braZing to the bra strap.  Hold it in place for a few seconds, along the   length of the braZing, to make sure it adequately sticks.  


the braZings are also reusable!  You can wear them several (many) times on the same bra, or if you want to transfer to another, just use another piece of our adhesive and repeat the process.


We have tested the durability and adhesiveness of the braZings through and through.  We've carried heavy bags over our shoulders, we've worn them 2 weeks in a row, we've slept in them ... and the braZing stays in place throughout it all. 


As you would with any fine lingerie, the braZings should be handwashed, and can be used over and over.


They are SO user friendly!   the bra-Zings are so supple and the strip adherent so strong, people won't know the bra-Zing isn't your actual bra strap!  They sit that well.  


Join the bra-volution and love your braZing!



A bra-volution, the braZing is a fashion fix accessory that covers ratty and errant bra straps. BraZings accessorize any off-the-shoulder sweater, tank top or strapless dress and gives a new found freedom to wear any regular bra underneath. The braZing comes in an in an infinite selection of luxury sexy, sporty, and romantic fabrics and can be used to match any mood or occasion.  Each pair is studded with a sparkly pink Swarovski crystal.


Clothing by Neiman Marcus Topanga

Photos by Vince Gonzalez